“It flows unending, smooth as silk, and its beauty knows no boundaries.” Unknown.

Hey, I wanted to talk some more.
Why are you breaking up with me? What happened?
I cut my hair, so that’s it. That’s the reason your dumping me. You shallow bastard.
I'm stressed, damn right I'm stressed. My mother's been sick, the new job I started, rents due.
No, your right I didn't cut my hair because the rent was due, but the new job, they wanted a certain look and I saw the other girls in the office.
Yeah, Yeah, go on ranting about looking like everyone else. Keep talking bla, bla, bla, …

You know I'd go out with you if you were fat.
No that's not a lie.
It's not a lie, your shallow and I guess all this time you were just dating my lovely locks, not the lovely me. It'll be your loss. I should have seen it coming the way you always wrapped it around us when we were making love. Taking all those pictures of it flowing over my breasts. My hair was just a fetish for you, and I was nothing. You bastard.
Yeah I know, and I'll say it some more if I feel like it! So what did you tell your friends?
That I changed, BS. You are so full of it!
The job has changed me? That’s what you think? No way I’m still the same, I was always thinking about cutting it shorter, but I kept it long for you.
I should have asked …

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I never considered how you would feel …
I did keep it longer for you …
Because I felt like it, damn it!
Look my life is mine – not yours.
And now you want to bring that up!
Yes I was hoping you'd ask me – I've been in love with you for a long time. Did you forget after I told you each and every day for the last five years.
Yeah, I know you said it too, but lately it was not that much, and that bothered me.
I don't think you meant it.
Why do you want to talk about my job again?
He's just a flirt, it's nothing.
You know his wife. Where from?
So you just worked with her?
Oh, now we’re getting upset.
Why would you- not look at her, she has that five thousand dollar rack for everyone to see.
Really? You sure can spin some crap.
Oh, you’re serious. Now you want me believe that breasts are not that important to you. You sure liked mine a lot.

Continued in my new book, Conversations.